Trust Administration

The Everett Law Group advises individuals who have been named as trustees to assist them during the trust administration process. Our services include advising trustees upon the death or incapacity of a person who created a trust, as well as providing advice for ongoing trusts. Important legal issues need to be addressed as soon as possible upon the death of a spouse, parent or other person who created a trust. 

Our trust administration services include:

  • Review and interpretation of trusts 
  • Providing advice on the duties and responsibilities of a trustee 
  • Preparation of notifications to beneficiaries and heirs under California law
  • Depositing the decedent's will with the applicable probate court even when no probate is required 
  • Providing advice on communications with beneficiaries and required accountings to be sent to beneficiaries 
  • Structuring the allocation and distribution of trust assets to beneficiaries and to ongoing trusts 
  • Preparation of documents for retitling real estate, bank accounts and other assets 
  • Coordination with client's tax advisor for the preparation of necessary tax returns and accountings 
  • Tracking important deadlines and providing other administrative services necessary to settle the trust estate 

In addition to advising trustees, the Everett Law Group advises surviving spouses, family members and beneficiaries in interpreting trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents. We also counsel individuals on how to assume the role of trustee or agent for power of attorney when needed, whether due to a person's diminishing mental capacity or for other reasons.